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Continuum Client Contact Inc.
10 Years Of Service
Dedicated Client Contact Associates with high language skills
Bilingual services also available


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Continuum Client Contact is a client management company specializing in providing virtual call services for financial advisors. Our service is unique from other call centres, as we personalize our services for each advisor. You will be assigned your own dedicated virtual Client Contact Associate. All of our Associates are thoroughly trained to take inbound calls and make outbound calls – with tailored scripts geared to get you in the door, increase your appointment volume, and maximize your revenue.

Our highly skilled Client Contact Associates are carefully selected, trained and monitored to schedule appointments and overcome objections. If you are a new or established advisor who would like to increase your weekly appointments and sales activity, with limited time to make customer calls, we are a good solution for you.

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Continuum Client Contact
10 Years Of Service

Our outbound call services include contacting your clients to schedule:


One-time meetings


Automatic recurring appointment scheduling every 6-8 months




Introduction appointments for new financial advisors


Time-sensitive renewals or other product expiry dates


Follow-up meetings to close sales


Ongoing client contact for established or new advisors

We can build a tailored program for you or your financial company.

Why hire us?

We are unique in our industry with local staff with high language skills so your customers understand us. Communication is key when securing client contacts and our scripts have been honed over the years to produce results.

Continuum isn’t just a service – It’s a professional relationship, that provides a service in the most professional way.

We don’t collect private information such as account numbers, or ask for financial data, so your customers feel comfortable with us.

Client Call Services That Save You Time

Our goal as your virtual support team, is to set up your appointments so you can spend more time in front of existing or potential clients and less time on the phone. Setting up an account with us is easy, so you can see more clients sooner and close more sales. The main goal of your dedicated Client Contact Associate is to fill your appointment schedule so that you can get those handshakes and signatures. No more hassle of trying to hire, train, or monitor your own person, or pay more hours than you need.

Customized Client Contact Programs

We have the solution for you! We have supported financial advisors across North America for over 10 years so you can feel confident in our services.

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Getting You Connected – Keeping You Connected

Contact us for a complementary assessment to determine your budget and goals, inbound and/or outbound services, and your target consumer.