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Financial Company and Advisor Support Services

For over 10 years, Continuum Client Contact has specialized in providing virtual assistants to the financial industry. The CEO of Continuum is Elenna Wallace, with over 20 years of experience working closely with financial industry executives and advisors.

Everyone at Continuum Client Contact is dedicated to delivering proactive, professional and seamlessly attentive service. Our mission is to build strong client relationships for financial advisors, increase consumer loyalty, and uncover sales opportunities. We are your partners for developing strategies for optimizing positive customer experiences – helping you develop client loyalty which can lead to immediate or future sales. As well, part of our focus is to assist financial companies to recruit new financial advisors. Our goal is to help you succeed.

Our services provide a client experience that is professional, customized and proactive. As a team, we are driven by a strong work ethic and consistently deliver measurable results. Most of our business is based on referrals from a growing base of highly satisfied financial advisors.

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Hourly Packages

We offer standard weekly call packages (4, 6, 8 hours, and more depending on how much contact you need). In addition, we are happy to provide bigger weekly packages for our services.

Outbound/Inbound Calls

Calling hours are split between morning, afternoon, and evening to ensure the most effective client outreach

Dedicated Canadian Caller

We do not outsource our callers. We will not reassign your Client Contact Associates to another financial advisor, unless absolutely necessary.

Appointment Email Confirmations

Sent to clients upon booking

Reminder Calls

Reminder calls are placed to clients between 24-48 hours before their scheduled meeting with you

Weekly Call Report

Your caller will provide you with a weekly report on how many meetings they booked for you. As well, they will include any important feedback on how the calls went. You will receive this report at the end of your caller’s shift each week.

Detailed Weekly Call Notes Report

Our Support department will provide you with this call report at the end of each week, containing every client that your caller called, with detailed call notes. Dates, times, phone numbers, and the results from each number called (including wrong numbers), are included.

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Communication is very important for a good working relationship – our callers are always in contact with you and at your service.

Getting You Connected – Keeping You Connected

Working with your dedicated Client Contact Associate helps your business grow by saving you time, and provides you with appointments that build your revenue. Our targeted approach is customized for every advisor. Our proactive Associates accelerate consumer interest in your services and uncover potential sales opportunities. You save time and money marketing new products to existing clients. Working with us is more cost-effective than hiring someone on your own.

Maximize your revenue while minimizing your overhead!

Join Our Team

Consider joining our team! We are now hiring people who speak English, French or Spanish and have experience in sales or customer service. Please email your resume and cover letter to us.

  • Client Contact Associate
  • Marketing Associate

Call Centre Careers for Individuals with Disabilities

At Continuum Client Contact, we believe in providing an inclusive workspace. We welcome applications from Canadians living with disabilities. Our office is fully accessible, and our training program has been customized to ensure all our call centre employees will be high performers with high job satisfaction.

Staff Testimonials

Ms. Lemon, July 11th, 2022
My name is Ms. Lemon, and I have been a Client Contact Associate with Continuum Client Contact since July 2019. This company and Elenna Wallace have been, by far, the best business I have had the privilege to work for. I highly recommend this company as the Best Small Business in Kelowna. Working for Elenna is a joy because her enthusiasm and leadership are infectious. She is genuine and cares about her employees.
Mr. Forester, March 5th, 2023
I’ve been very lucky to find a job at a company where employees are valued and treated as individuals, not numbers. Elenna is a great boss to work for; she cares about her employees and is always approachable. She has created a safe workspace where employees treat each other respectfully and enjoy working together. I know I’d never find a better boss and company to work for.