Services We Offer for Established or New Financial Advisors

From appointment scheduling to following up on sales leads, Continuum Client Contact offers the complete solution for maximizing your time and revenue. Our programs generate results because they are founded on strategic planning, which involves evaluating every client and selecting the optimal call schedule that works for you.

customer services

Quality assurance calls for services and products

Seminar and tradeshow follow up calls

Special occasion calls

One-time meetings

Automatic recurring appointment scheduling every 6-8 months


Introduction appointments for new financial advisors

Appointments for time-sensitive renewals or product expiry dates

Follow-up meetings to close sales

Ongoing client contact for established or new advisors

Implementation of service strategies for your A, B and C clients

Lead Conversion and Ongoing Support

Continuum has refined their systematic approach to building prospective client relationships. After a successful lead conversion, you can opt into our ongoing support program. Stay connected with your clients while being positioned for sales opportunities. Your continuum plan will consist of a complete evaluation of your client base and comprehensive support structure.

New Acquisitions

Uniquely for professionals that have recently taken over new clientele and have been reassigned a new territory. You will achieve greater results reaching your new clients by having a dedicated Client Contact Associate. We can follow up on what you as their advisor has sent, such as letters or postcards with the goal of scheduling a meeting with them.


For Directors, General Agents, Financial Advisors and Field Agents, let us make those follow-up calls for your recruitment campaigns. We can set up appointments for you to speak to prospective recruits. We’re here to help you expand your team.

working on the line

Other Services

Quality Assurance Calls
Election Polling
Non-profit Fundraising Outreach
Charity Event Calls
Holiday Greeting Calls

Getting You Connected – Keeping You Connected